How To Keep Your Puppy Healthy

How To Keep Your Puppy Healthy

How To Keep Your Puppy Healthy? Here Are 5 Top Tips!

Your furry friend is not just your cuddle partner but also your whole sole responsibility. This is precisely why you should take an oath to keep your dog healthy and happy the very first day you bring him or her home. A puppy requires as much care as a newborn does and to ensure that it leads a healthy life all through, there are a few essential things that you must do.

Listed below are 5 tips for keeping your puppy in the best of health.

1. Genetic Testing

While this is still new to a lot of people, there is no doubt about the fact that genetic testing could prove to be significant to your dog’s health. A DNA testing could reveal the genetic disorders that your dog could inherit. This helps to make informed decisions to make changes and adaptations to their breeding programmes so that future risks could be avoided.


2. Frequent Exercise

Dog Running


Offering consistent exercise to your puppy can ensure a long and healthy life sans obesity, arthritis and other lifestyle disorders. Puppies need exercise to ensure that it can build stamina and can keep off the pounds as long as possible. They also need frequent exercise and activity to stimulate them mentally. If they can move around and have enough outdoor play, a lot of their behavioral issues will be resolved, for example, biting, chewing and incessant barking etc.


3. Proper Grooming

Dog Grooming


Grooming your puppy (yes, that includes regular baths too!) is significant for its health and for the beautiful bond that the two of you share. Always take your veterinarian’s recommendation for the comb or brush that you will use so that it is perfectly suited for your puppy’s coat.

Locate a particular place where your puppy will be comfortable and make this a permanent place for grooming. Always brush in the same direction in which the hair grows. Dogs that have thick coats will need regular grooming and brushing so as to avoid matted or knotted hair.

Always use specially designed dog nail trimmers to trim its nails. Keeping their nails trimmed will prevent accidental scratching. Get your puppy checked to rule out flea, ticks and mite infestation and if they happen to be infested with any of these, follow a strict grooming regime as suggested by the doctor.


4. The Right Kind of Food

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Your puppy’s health is primarily determined by what and how much you feed it. Read pet food labels carefully to identify unhealthy ingredients. Take the recommendations of your vet to find the best and the safest dog food within your budget. You can also determine the calorific requirements of your dog and feed it accordingly.


5. Go Easy On The Treats

Dog Treats


Your dog might look at you with the most adorable pair of eyes when you offer that treat as a snack but it is wise to remember that treats should be limited at all costs. Most treats are unhealthy for your puppy’s digestive system and oral health. If you must give treats, opt for wholesome organic treats that are safer and easier to digest.

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