Best Dog Breeds That Will Fit an Indoor Lifestyle


Best Dog Breeds That Will Fit an Indoor Lifestyle

How many times did you considered getting a dog, but worried that your apartment wouldn’t be suitable for your new companion? While it is true that some dog breeds are not suitable for living in an apartment, due to their size and high activity levels, there are more than enough dog breeds that will do well indoors.

As long as you take good care of your dog, which includes daily walks, living in a small flat will not be a disadvantage for your pooch. Just make sure to choose a dog that is suitable for your lifestyle. This means to check out its activity levels and care requirements, making sure you have sufficient time in your schedule to meet the demands.

It is worth knowing that there are small dog breeds which could fit inside an apartment, but have rather elevated activity levels. This means that in order to make this dog happy inside an apartment, you will have to walk the dog twice a day and spend time playing with it. Thus, it is important to find a small dog breed that will suit your schedule and lifestyle particularities.

Talking about small dog breeds suitable for an indoor lifestyle, here are the most popular and recommended:


  • French Bulldog

The French bulldog is one of the best small dog breeds you can choose if you’re living in an apartment and would like a dog with a low level of maintenance. It has a short coat that will pose no grooming issues. But, you will have to pay attention to cleaning the dog’s face, as dust and dirt can get trapped in the folds the skin forms in this area and trigger skin issues.

This dog has a relatively low activity level, and, in spite of the fact that it will appreciate a good play session, it won’t require long and exhausting walks. Just make sure not to over-feed your Frenchie and keep it safe when temperatures are high, as these dogs may have breathing difficulty due to the shape of their muzzle.


  • Pug

The dog that became famous in the “Man in Black” movie is also suitable for becoming a companion for apartment owners. They have a calm and gentle temper and will love going on walks with you or simply lounge on the couch.

With short hair, periodic grooming and bathing will be enough to keep the dog clean and presentable. Some pugs may have the tendency to bark a bit too much, but this can be easily corrected, as they are not bad-tempered by nature.

Best Dog Breeds That Will Fit an Indoor Lifestyle 1

  • Poodle

The Poodle is one of the most popular small dog breeds when it comes to companionship. The kind and lovable character of these dogs, their native intelligence, and hypoallergenic coat made the Poodle stay in the top of preferences years in a row.

This is the kind of dog that is suitable for single people, seniors, and families with children alike. The Poodle will get along with everybody and everything. The best part about owning a Poodle is that these dogs don’t have that specific dog odor, and they barely shed. If you groom and trim their coat periodically, you will never have dog hair related issues in your apartment.

Best Dog Breeds That Will Fit an Indoor Lifestyle 2

  • Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu was created, right from the start, to be a companion dog that lives indoors only. It was the dog that was often noticed in the presence of Chinese royalty, especially queens and princesses. If you take a look at a Shih Tzu, it is still possible to notice a somewhat superior allure, like they are well aware of their royal ancestry.

As companions, Shih Tzus are amazing, being extremely loyal and affectionate. They will enjoy sitting on the couch next to you or going on walks, as long as they get to spend time with you. These are dogs that don’t shed too much and if you want to cut grooming from your daily schedule, you can always opt for a puppy cut.

Best Dog Breeds That Will Fit an Indoor Lifestyle 3

  • Miniature Schnauzer

The Miniature Schnauzer is the best representation of the statement “a big heart in a small body.” These small dogs tend to be fearless, in spite of their reduced size. So, they won’t hesitate to display a brave and bold attitude, even when encountering large dogs. This is why you should educate your Schnauzer and walk it on a leash.

But, apart from their large personality, Miniature Schnauzers are ideal for apartments, they barely shed, and are loyal companions. Just do bear in mind that their coats need periodic trimming and cutting.

Best Dog Breeds That Will Fit an Indoor Lifestyle 4

  • Dachshund

Initially bred for catching mice and other critters around the house, the Dachshund ended up a preferred small dog breed for companionship. The fact that they are very smart and easy to train, together with their adorable long body and small feet, attracted an increasing number of dog enthusiasts over the years.

These dogs are relatively active and will love doing things, like walking and exploring the outdoors. As a Dachshund owner, you should keep the dog from jumping off things or going up and down on stairs too often. This kind of activity can harm the dog’s rather long spine.

Best Dog Breeds That Will Fit an Indoor Lifestyle 5

Which of these small dog breeds is your favorite? You should decide upon the dog breed that is best for you after doing proper research and determining your lifestyle. If you already know which dog breed you prefer, visit and look for your future loyal companion.




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