Which foods are safe for your pup to eat?

Which foods are safe for your pup to eat

Puppies are great, except when they’re not. And one of the ways that they’re not? When they try to get into everything and attempt to eat whatever is in front of them, too.

And while some of it is innocuous and not a danger to puppies, there are things that puppies should not eat because they might do themselves harm.

And puppies also need to be monitored for the amount of food they’re eating, because they might overeat and injure themselves, too.

For example, items that are very high in sugar, such as bananas, are not great for puppies. And some things such as avocados and grapes are highly toxic to dogs.

However, other produce items such as green beans are excellent for dogs (of course, without seasonings).

Which foods are safe for your pup to eat

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